Thursday, July 2, 2009

Yurting in Champoeg State Park

On Tuesday, the kids and I loaded up the bus and headed out on our first yurting trip of the summer!!! We drove a whole 8 miles to Champoeg State Park (starting close to home and we will work out way to the coast, southern Oregon and eastern Oregon throughout the summer).

The other day I spoke to my brother on the phone and he had no idea what a yurt was (this after asking him if they have yurts available in Malibu so the kids and I could come visit....), so for those of you that don't know what a yurt is click on the this link , it is a round structure, built on a platform and has 2 double beds and a twin bed and can be found in most Oregon and Washington State parks. They rent for about $27 a night....deluxe models are a little more and have bathrooms as well.

Some photos of our 3 day trip .......

Monday night Matt came home and installed a hitch on the bus so I could bring some bikes with us!!!!
Our yurt at Champoeg (note here, yurt be was also home to yellow jackets and wasps....not good)

Tori whittling away....

Brandon was our dinner chef both nights!!!

Hot dogs and toasted buns.....

Hiking one of the many trails at Champoeg

Tyler whittling away the evening....

I wanted to visit Kitty Newell's making "scared" faces....they actually thought I was nuts for insisting we hike the trail to her grave.

At Kitty Newell's gravestone.....tried geocaching on the trail but couldn't find the cache`

Tori, Sarah and I hanging out at the campfire next to our yurt!

On Wednesday, Matt had asked me to take it easy with the twins because I had to bring them back to Canby for their last baseball game of the season. Well, we saw signs that said "ice cream at the Historic Butteville Store" and we set out (because that sounded really really good at 9:30am Wednesday morning). Note....the trail To the Historic Butteville Store was 3+ miles, which meant that our taking it easy was over 8 miles that morning....OOPS!!! (Note here they won their game that night 12-3). Photo above is of the twins after we'd gone 1 mile!

On our way there, Tyler, Tori, Brandon and Sarah were on bikes (yes, our 4 year old made it the whole 8 miles!!!! We were SO proud of her!!!)

Hanging at the Butteville store with our tiny scoops of mediocre ice cream that they charged $18 for! Sheesh!!! We were expecting LOTS of ice cream choices and BIG scoops after 3+ miles...

Brandon and Sarah on our way back to the campground.

Ryan and Tori on the bikes heading back.

Photo op of the kids...River in the background along the trail.

Only about 1 mile left to go...Sarah still peddling away!

After taking the twins back to Canby that evening, the 5 of us hit some more trails along the river and came upon this monument was erected in 1901. It records the names of the 52 settlers who voted to establish the provisional government at an 1843 meeting.

Pioneer Mother's Memorial Cabin that is only open on weekends (good thing we live 15 minutes away!).

Look who showed up last evening and had a hot dog roasted over the campfire!!! He actually was delivering the twins back to the campground, and then ended up leaving with Brandon and Ryan -- Brandon who didn't like the idea of staying in the yurt with the wasp and Ryan who loved the idea of sleeping in his own bed!

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