Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cougars were in the top 8 at State!!!

The twins baseball team made it to state and finished in the top 8!!! Way to go boys. Tori was the main photographer this weekend during the games...just a few photos below from the tournament.

Ryan hanging out in the dugout waiting to start the game as pitcher.

Ryley with his fortune from a fortune cookie he got from Panda Express. It read "You will be honored with a prestigious prize or award". He was sure that good things were coming at the tournament.

Ryan walking out to the ball field

Score board after our 3rd game vs. North Eugene --- We were visitor.

Our team watching North Eugene receive their pins. This was there second out and the tournament was double elimination.

Ryley on base

Ryan playing 3rd

Canby Cougars team after their final game at the tournament!

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