Saturday, October 24, 2009

Contortionist in our future?????

Tori as a triangle......  we may have a contortionist in our future!!!

Going golfing.......

On Thursday, Sarah and her friend Mallory spent the afternoon golfing at Bullwinkles Family Fun Center!!!  Sarah even got a hole in one!!!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

A trip to Sauvie Island

We have lived in the Portland area for 5 years and EVERY fall Sauvie Island does TONS of advertising about their pumpkin patch.  So, I put "Visit Sauvie Island in the fall" on my "Bucket List".  Last Sunday we drove out to Sauvie Island to check out their pumpkin patch.....

Photo of the farm from the pumpkin patch....

Tyler and Sarah on the Hay Ride







Brandon opted out of the pumpkin picking this year.....Guess it isn't cool for teenagers to find the "perfect pumpkin" at a pumpkin patch. 

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

All the single ladies....................

Ryley stayed home from school today with Vertigo.......The good news is his cell phone arrived today!!!!  Obviously put a BIG smile on his face since I'm sure all the single ladies will be calling him non-stop now!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Brandon and his volcano

Yesterday Brandon came home after school and said he needed to make a paper mache` volcano for his humanities assignment.  So, off we went to Fred Meyer for liquid starch and some brown paint!!!  He made his volcano last night and let it dry overnight and painted it bright and early this morning so it would be dry when he went to school at 7:30am.  He came home from school excited and said "Check this out" and put this link up on the computer  .  

I love when my teenage kid come home excited about their school day !!!! 

Thursday, October 8, 2009


My weekly updates seem to have gone by the wayside, since the school year has started.  Ryley and Tori are in Cross Country and doing well!!!  They had their second cross country meet yesterday and both did really well, coming in with the middle of the pack.  Not sure of their exact placement on their school team yet.  The first race they both came in 3rd place for the school!!!

Sarah and I have been sick with a head cold this week and have been taking it easy (me whining, her with tons of energy acting like it isn't such a big deal.....).

Last Saturday, Ryan had a football game and played the entire game!  He only left the field at half time, so he was one tired boy when he got home!!!  The team won 34-32!!  Record so far is 4-0 and they have a tough upcoming game this Saturday to look forward to!!!

Ryan is #23.  Photo of the team before the game!

Getting ready to play!!!

Ryan on the far left in blue...he made the tackle!!!

Ryan's frozen cheerleaders!!!!  One of the benefits of having sisters :)

Half time....score was 28-0

Playing under the lights and a full harvest moon!!!!

Hopefully we will continue with our good weather and get some fun shots of pumpkin patches up on the blog in the near future!!!!