Friday, April 30, 2010

Teddy Bear Pajama Party

We celebrated Sarah's 5th birthday today with her friends and hosted a Teddy Bear Pajama Party!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Sarah!!!

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I've got your back

Ryan looked out on the patio this afternoon and saw the dogs sitting together....give's meaning to
"I've got your back"

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Gallivanting in Oregon City

Today Tori, Matt and I made a trip to Oregon City, and stopped on our way home along the Highway's new "walkway" (for lack of better description).

Matt and I

There were many boats out on the Willamette River Sturgeon fishing.  Apparently some law went into effect that says that fisherman can no longer fish from the walkways along the river.  

A circle of seagulls

The Sternwheeler parked along the dock. 

Another view of the river and the bridge (which is Interstate 205)

Tori Lynn near a sculpture along the walkway

Friday, April 23, 2010

Tori is home from Outdoor School!!!

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Sarah's bird bath....

We woke up to blue sky this morning and came across this Family Fun magazine craft for making your own bird bath!!!

Sarah with her finished bird bath and her side kick Charger...

Adding the water (note here...we've reseeded our back it really isn't the dirt covered pit that it appears to be in the photo)
Now all we need are the birds....

Dinner and a show....

Last night we headed to Portland with friends for dinner and to Cirque Du Soleil's show Kooza performed under the "Big Top"  (aka a HUGE yellow and purple striped tent)

We had dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory down on the Portland waterfront

Then it was off to Kooza for a GREAT night of acrobatic entertainment

Trying on a mask at intermission....What a WONDERFUL night!!!

A morning with the cousins!!!

On Wednesday Sarah and I picked up my cousin Milo's children, Andrew and Olivia and we headed out for a morning of fun!!!

Andrew, Sarah and Olivia in the Tishendorf bus!!!


Rotating that bar was HARD WORK!!  Olivia was along for the ride...

There is just something about the cow at Ibach park ....

Playing in the sandbox amongst the bones....

I do believe he was a "Jedi" balancing at this time..

Striking a pose on the swirly seat...

Sweet Olivia...

Andrew as a monkey...

Andrew was the master of climbing

Picnic at Town Center Park (yes, 2 parks in one morning) and then we were off to Story time at the Library!!

Memories to last a life time....

On Tuesday, Tori left for Came Wi-ne-ma on the Oregon Coast for Outdoor School!!!  She was EXCITED and "nervousy"!!!  I  can't wait to hear the stories from her trip!!!!  I know she'll have memories that will last a lifetime!!!

Backyard Bonfires.....

The sun came out this weekend, which had us in the back yard weeding and reseeding.  While we were there I told Matt that I wanted a bonfire pit!!  With the help of the kids we took out a 5 foot section of our raised garden bed and put together "Smores Central"!!!

The fire master 

The first bonfire!!!

Roasting the marshmallows!!!

Tyler likes his CRISPY on the outside....

Smores attack....

Charger resting by the fire pit

Let the remodeling begin!!!

It looks like we won't be moving any time in the near future, so we have decided to add 3 bedrooms to our upstairs (much to the boy's delight)!!!

At the aisles of dreams....aka Home Depot

My view of Matt on the drive home...

 Matt started framing Tyler and Ryley's room last weekend!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ryan and Ryley's turn for Honor Roll

This morning we attended the Honor Roll breakfast for Ryan and Ryley!!!  Ryan is in the back row, second from the left.  Ryley is in the back row on the far right.  I think they were testing my photography skills, which are lacking to begin with....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brandon's Honor roll

This morning it was Brandon's turn for the Honor Roll Breakfast (yes I remembered this time, and I will remember on Thursday when it is the twins' turn....).  Straight A's again and there is only 1 trimester left of middle school!!!  He's been doing some heavy hinting that WE (Matt and I) should do something REALLY awesome for him if he gets straight A's again for the last trimester, because it will mean his entire MIDDLE SCHOOL CAREER was NOTHING BUT STRAIGHT As!!!  Matt and I are thinking that is a GREAT idea, and just need to determine what the SPECIAL thing is!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Tori celebration!!!

Dropping the kids off at school this morning and I notice the principal is standing out front greeting parents and kids.  I asked the kids what is up with that, and then realize...OOPS!!  It is the morning for honor roll breakfast and I'd totally forgotten!!! (Did I mention my hair was dripping wet and I had no make up on because I'd just hopped out of the shower to drive the kids????  YIKES!!)  Needless to say, I made it down to the school in plenty of time (so glad we live SO close by) after running home to throw on some make up and a pony tail!  Phew!!!

Tori is sitting front and center in the yellow and white striped shirt!!!  Way to go Tori!!!

Our beautiful girls!!!

What we've been up to this week......

Just a few photo snippets of our week!!!

My book club met on Tuesday and we discussed the book "I Capture the Castle" which was written in 1946!!!  Absolutely wonderful book (although I thought the first 3 chapters were SLOW going).  I ended up LOVING it!!  One of my friends read the book on the train from London to Scotland this month...couldn't have asked for a more perfect setting!!!

The book my book club is reading this of my absolute FAVORITES (I read it a few months ago).  If you haven't read it yet, be sure to get a copy!!!

Ryley is now competing in track (he's doing baseball as well, but the games haven't started yet!!).  Photo was taken after he ran the 1500 meter race (4 laps around the track).  He finds out his standings today...goal is to beat his personal best.  He came in middle of the pack, which was GREAT!  He also competed in the "turbo javelin" and the 800 meter.  Since he was in Cross Country in the fall, the instructors suggested he do the long distance races.  He was EXHAUSTED when it was over!!!  Then had to head straight to the ball fields for a baseball scrimmage game...

I am taking a cooking class on Wednesdays that is combined with a seminar on Character!!  We learned how to make Gumbo (and sampled it as well) this week!!!  SO good!!!

Thursday night was "Bunco" night!!!  We play with a great group of ladies -- 16 of us total!!!  Above is a photo of those of us that won that night!!!

Sarah went to a birthday party on Saturday and "Bubbles" the clown did some face painting.  According to Sarah she is a "princess kitty"
Sunday we spent most of the afternoon shopping for clothes for the kids.  The girls had a "who can find the ugliest shoe contest".  

Charger unfortunately didn't have such a fun weekend.  He somehow managed to dislodge one of his adult teeth, and it ended up embedded in his gums with the roots exposed.  Which meant a trip to the vet.  The good news is he is now also neutered and micro chipped and has some wonderful pain pills that make him extremely mellow.  Photo above is with Tori and Koda trying to make him feel better.  Poor Koda missed him horribly while he was gone for the day and spent his time whimpering by Chargers crate and the front door awaiting his return.