Saturday, May 22, 2010

First time at the Roller Derby

On Friday night my friend Julie and I headed to the Portland Events Center to watch the Roller Derby.  It was a whole new experience, and really a lot of fun.  As usual, there was plenty of people watching.... Big buff man, with bleached dreadlocks, in a Kilt (need I say more).  We had a great time!!!

The Flag/Drum Ceremony


versus EVIL

Let the Roller Derby Begin....

Who knew there were SO many referees for Roller Derby.  I thought it looked like a lot of fun in the beginning and then once I saw the size of some of the gals decided I would definitely remain a spectator.  Those girls can ram and annihilate each other on that course like nobody's business.

The second half was Portland vs. Seattle.  So much fun to watch...not to mention we finally figured out how the rules and scoring works by then.....

One of the roller derby gal's handing out candy...her Derby name "Sugar and Vice".  My friend Julie asked her if I could take her picture because of her shirt....."My other ride's your mom".  I do believe she was on team EVIL.

We met "Napolean", who sold raffle tickets to my friend Julie.  Offered to sit with us should we need help figuring out the derby.

Shopping with Sarah

On May 12th, Sarah and I headed out for a day of shopping in Portland!!!

We started off at Build A Bear!!!  Thank you Uncle Mike for the gift certificate!!!!

Lunch at Claim Jumper Restaurant 
(thanks to Claim Jumper for sending a gift certificate for a free birthday lunch)

Sarah just took the training wheels off her bike and was very excited to find a Barbie on a bike!!! 
"Thank you to Andrew and Olivia" for the gift certificate!!!

Birthday/Mother's Day weekend

We had blue skies in Portland for my birthday/Mother's Day weekend and because my birthday and Mother's day were on the same day we celebrated for the entire weekend!!!

On Saturday, Matt and I headed to Oregon City to pick up some more supplies for our upstairs remodel.  We are adding 3 bedrooms upstairs and have finished the framing for the first bedroom!!!

Then we headed to Lil' Cooperstown for lunch!!  

On  Sunday we spent most of the afternoon along Waterfront Park in Portland!!!

The weather was GORGEOUS and we had fun dining at Little River Cafe and exploring the park and of course people watching....because that is what Portland is all about.... "Keep Portland Weird"

I love my family !!!

Richer than I.....

"Richer than I, you can never be.  For I had a Daddy who read to me."

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random weekend photos

Sarah with her cousin Olivia (third cousin I think we've figured it cousin Milo's daughter).  Olivia spent the day with us Friday and the girls were playing in her room and attempting to put together a 150 piece puzzle.

Tori straightened Brandon's hair...Usually he has a very curly hair....

Sarah (standing in front of Tori) with all of her friends that came to her Teddy Bear Pajama Party on Friday

In between baseball games on Saturday, we stopped at Hillsboro Noble Woods park and Tori and I hiked one of the trails.

Photo Tori took of her shoes while at the baseball game...

Ryley, Tori and Ryan at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, where we had lunch after their baseball game on Sunday.
View of the kitchen from the upstairs dining area while our lunch was being made!!!

The Wilbur burger....hamburger with eggs and bacon...

Hogshead chicken sandwich.....SO good...and a basket of sweet potato fries with chipolte catsup.

Our puppy Charger and Ryan.  Ryan was playing on his laptop, and Charger walked over and decided to use him for a pillow.  

An impromptu family photo we took this afternoon!!! 

First Baseball tournament of the year....

The twins had their first baseball tournament of the year in Reedville this weekend.  Tori was the photographer for the games, since I am the scorekeeper!!!  The team won their first game, tied their second and lost their third game.  Below are some of our favorite photos from the tournament of the boys.

Ryan with his now DENTED bat that he can no longer use...Yep, he hit it THAT hard....

Ryan up to bat...can you see the ball in the photo?

Ryley heading up to bat, Ryan is in the background.

This is my favorite photo from the game...Ryley heading up to bat, then Ryan, and Matt as 3rd base coach.  Unfortunately the "fuzzy" part of the photo is the fence, and I can't figure out how to fix it with Photoshop.

Ryan pitching...

Another action shot with Ryan up to bat and the ball in play

Ryan just hit the ball in this photo and you can see the ball to the left

Ryley so serious playing 2nd base

Another shot of Ryley ready to play