Sunday, June 28, 2009

A night in Portland

This evening Matt and I headed into Portland to see the Broadway Musical "Rent". We were almost an hour early, so we did what we love to do...headed to Starbucks and then went out to people watch. We stopped at a park on 3rd and Jefferson, across from the Justice Center where I took the photo of the statue below.

So, what did we find with our people watching???? Well, we had a topless man that walked about 20 feet, would turn and flip off a flag, then proceed to do that over and over. Matt said he was feeling "overdressed" once he saw him. Another lady was talking very loud letting all bypassers know that "the birds are not crazy". I would agree that it was not the birds that I was questioning sanity about. Then an ambulance came and well, drama was overrated on that one. Matt and I both came to the conclusion Portland is not in any danger of losing their motto "Keep Portland Weird".

Matt and I both enjoyed Rent....although I wouldn't list it as a favorite.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Fun at Ibach Park

Our Tishendorf summer officially started on Monday, since the girl's dance rehearsal/recital schedule took up the entire week (last week). Out of the blue, Ryan asked if we could head to Tualatin and hang out at Ibach Park! "Absolutely we can!!!" So, we loaded up the bus (sans Brandon who is much too cool at 13 to hang at a playground for little kids) and spent a few hours enjoying the beginning of our summer!

Tyler and Sarah playing in the giant sandbox

Ryley, Ryan, Sarah and Tori taking over the swings

Tyler on the bull

Sweet Tori, I can't believe she is heading to Middle School this year!

The kids on one of the trails in the park!

Midgets take Second in the tournament!!!

This weekend Tyler's baseball team took 2nd place in the Canby Midget National tournament!!! Tyler wasn't able to play on Saturday due to the conflict of the girl's dance recital (note....too many Indians, not enough Chiefs in this family), but he played in both games on Sunday!!!

Tyler wearing his 2nd place medal!

Team photo, Tyler is on the far left!

Dance Recital 2009

Tori and Sarah's dance recital was last weekend! The recital lasts 3 1/2 hours and the performances were Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday afternoon and then again Saturday evening. My parents, Matt's mom, and my Uncle Dave and Aunt Linda came for the Saturday afternoon performance much to the delight of the girls (always much more fun when you have fans in the THANK YOU FOR COMING!!)

Below are a few of the photos taken that night. I am having problems uploading videos so I'll have to post them on you tube and transfer them when I have the time!

3 year old Creative Movement class at rehearsal -- Sarah is on the far right.

Sarah all made up and ready to perform

Tori and Sarah in our back yard before we headed to the Fine Arts Center

Tori is in the front on the left with her jazz group

Tori doing the splits during performance

Tori being held up during the acrobatics's class performance

Tori doing an acro stunt

Photo Matt took Saturday afternoon during the finale

Backstage with the clowns...I told them to make a funny face.

Sarah and her friend in the clown costumes during finale after the confetti fell.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Schools Out Celebration

Every year, on the last day of school, we throw a party for the kids to celebrate another successful year!!! Since the last day of school was on Friday, we made it a sleepover! There was a total of 20 kids and we had an ice cream sundae celebration after school, they went swimming, played video games, Foosball, ping pong, had a BBQ, and then headed out on foot for 1 1/2 hours for a neighborhood scavenger hunt. Back home by 7:30 for more good times and ended with a movie night! What great memories and what a great group of kids!!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Koda -- Who knew?

Today was a big day for the dog that the kids have lovingly nicknamed "Koda Bear". We've been throwing him into the swimming pool on a regular basis to swim with the kids. The bad news is, as a Shitzu -Poodle mix...the long hair, without conditioner takes becomes a mass of dreadlocks. So, off to the groomer he went!

Koda Bear-- Before

Koda -- After (took Tori and I some convincing that it was the same dog)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Weekend baseball tournament in Keizer, OR

We spent this weekend in Keizer, OR at a baseball tournament for the twins team. On Saturday the team played 2 games. They lost their first game, then won the second. On Sunday, we had to be there bright and early for an 8am game which they won, then back to the field at 1pm for a game that they lost, and directly after that game to a 3:30 game that they lost by 1 run. Their team ended up coming in 4th place in the tournament out of 12 teams.

Photo of the team after the last game. Ryan in 3rd from the left in the back row. Ryley is on the far right. Matt is in the center!

After the 1st game, about 20 of us went out to lunch at the only open restaurant -- "Shari's"
Photo above of the boys that joined us!!!