Sunday, June 28, 2009

A night in Portland

This evening Matt and I headed into Portland to see the Broadway Musical "Rent". We were almost an hour early, so we did what we love to do...headed to Starbucks and then went out to people watch. We stopped at a park on 3rd and Jefferson, across from the Justice Center where I took the photo of the statue below.

So, what did we find with our people watching???? Well, we had a topless man that walked about 20 feet, would turn and flip off a flag, then proceed to do that over and over. Matt said he was feeling "overdressed" once he saw him. Another lady was talking very loud letting all bypassers know that "the birds are not crazy". I would agree that it was not the birds that I was questioning sanity about. Then an ambulance came and well, drama was overrated on that one. Matt and I both came to the conclusion Portland is not in any danger of losing their motto "Keep Portland Weird".

Matt and I both enjoyed Rent....although I wouldn't list it as a favorite.

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