Sunday, May 2, 2010

Random weekend photos

Sarah with her cousin Olivia (third cousin I think we've figured it cousin Milo's daughter).  Olivia spent the day with us Friday and the girls were playing in her room and attempting to put together a 150 piece puzzle.

Tori straightened Brandon's hair...Usually he has a very curly hair....

Sarah (standing in front of Tori) with all of her friends that came to her Teddy Bear Pajama Party on Friday

In between baseball games on Saturday, we stopped at Hillsboro Noble Woods park and Tori and I hiked one of the trails.

Photo Tori took of her shoes while at the baseball game...

Ryley, Tori and Ryan at Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, where we had lunch after their baseball game on Sunday.
View of the kitchen from the upstairs dining area while our lunch was being made!!!

The Wilbur burger....hamburger with eggs and bacon...

Hogshead chicken sandwich.....SO good...and a basket of sweet potato fries with chipolte catsup.

Our puppy Charger and Ryan.  Ryan was playing on his laptop, and Charger walked over and decided to use him for a pillow.  

An impromptu family photo we took this afternoon!!! 

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