Sunday, May 2, 2010

First Baseball tournament of the year....

The twins had their first baseball tournament of the year in Reedville this weekend.  Tori was the photographer for the games, since I am the scorekeeper!!!  The team won their first game, tied their second and lost their third game.  Below are some of our favorite photos from the tournament of the boys.

Ryan with his now DENTED bat that he can no longer use...Yep, he hit it THAT hard....

Ryan up to bat...can you see the ball in the photo?

Ryley heading up to bat, Ryan is in the background.

This is my favorite photo from the game...Ryley heading up to bat, then Ryan, and Matt as 3rd base coach.  Unfortunately the "fuzzy" part of the photo is the fence, and I can't figure out how to fix it with Photoshop.

Ryan pitching...

Another action shot with Ryan up to bat and the ball in play

Ryan just hit the ball in this photo and you can see the ball to the left

Ryley so serious playing 2nd base

Another shot of Ryley ready to play

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