Saturday, July 18, 2009

A day at Mount Hood's Adventure Park

With the state baseball tournament coming to an early end, we have our weekend free, so we headed up to Mount Hood for the day to play on the mountain at the Adventure Park at Skibowl!!!

This was our view this morning heading up to Timberline on Mount Hood. A gorgeous blue sky day with the temperature in the low 80s!!!

Our first stop was to head to Timberline and to ride the "Magic Mile Sky Ride" -- A ski lift that takes you from 6000 feet at Timberline Lodge to 7000 feet where you can hang out and play in the snow, and then ride back down, hike down on a trail or ski/snowboard down the mountain. We opted for hanging out on the mountain to play in the snow and then riding back down.

Me, Sarah, Ryan and Brandon heading up the mountain

Tyler, Tori and Ryley on the chair lift with Matt on the way up

Our family 7000 feet!!!

View from the mountain

The back side of Timberline lodge, taken from the top of the chair lift.

Tori, Matt, Ryley and Sarah after we got off the chair lift. The snow boarder behind them saw us getting ready to snap a photo and struck a pose as well. Cracked us up!!!!

Everyone on the mountain was super friendly. Waving hello as they passed by or from the trails below. Brandon had a wild urge and yelled "Hey Homeys" to some snowboarders headed up the mountain as we were headed down they hooted and hollered. HILARIOUS!!!

Ryley climbing one of the many boulders on the mountain.

Tyler playing in the snow

Sarah was in heaven, until she realized the snow was slippery and she was getting stuck quite often in her non grip shoes!

Heading back up the mountain after playing in the snow.

Tyler, Brandon and Ryan heading back down the mountain

The Magic Mile Shadow

Can you tell who these Tishendorfs are????

Funky car we saw at Timberline Lodge
Our next stop was the Alpine 1/2 mile slide at Skibowl West. Sarah on the chairlift up the mountain.

The alpine slide...person coming down isn't anyone we know. We all went down the slide twice. It was a blast (until you get behind someone who is extremely fond of their brake...then not so much fun). Ryley decided to go at a high rate of speed out of the gate his second time down and crashed on the first curve (note here...a few scrapes and all is well). Luckily Matt saw it happen and waited for Ryley to get his toboggan back on the track and get a ways down the track before he started his decent down the track.

While we were at the slide we caught up with old friends from Roseburg. Matt's best friend from high school and his wife were at the slides. Matt hadn't seen his friend in 15+ years!!!!

Photo above is the final view of Mount Hood from the Alpine slide!!!

The kids had a blast on the mountain and we plan to make another trip up and do it again before the school year begins!!!

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