Sunday, July 26, 2009

Summer yurting trip #2 with friends!!!

Wednesday through Friday we took a Mom and kids yurting trip with some of our favorite friends from Canby!!! We headed (once again) to Champoeg State Park which is a 15 minute drive from our home! Yes, close enough that those who wanted to could go home to shower in the mornings that is living the life!!!

Getting the party started with our first campfire Wednesday night!
13 of the best kids in the world!!!

Mom's of the best 13 kids in the world!!!!

Smores time!!!

Sarah riding the trails

On Thursday we decided to make the 1 and 1/2 hour drive to Lincoln City and spend the day on the beach. Blue skies and little wind made it one of the best beach days we've ever seen!! When we arrived at the beach, the first thing we spotted was the huge kite above. The owners said it was $2000.

Look at the size of that kite!!!!

Our kids playing in the $2000 kite --- SHOES OFF!!! The owner was a really great guy. He had another kite he'd made himself that was $4000.

Ryan the sandman

Ryan's good friend Lizzy

Beach friends are the best!!!

The always required jump shot!!!

The mom's jump shot (photo courtesy of Megan!!!)

My sweet Sarah!

Brandon doing what he does best.....enjoying a good book!

Ryley digging to China

Ryley spent hours digging this whole, and towards the end got quite a bit of attention and help from other kids on the beach.

Filling the hole!!!

On our last day we went Geocaching before heading home!!! The kids found this cache behind a tree in an open field where people were tent camping.

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