Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

We LOVE 4th of July in our hometown! There is just something so Norman Rockwell about the way this holiday is celebrated. They close the downtown to traffic and have a "General Canby Days" celebration with a car show, tons of food booths, and performances in the park that is the center of our downtown area.

We have lived here almost 5 years, and I remember going to our first General Canby Days celebration and parade and thought it was so neat that people in the parade were yelling out to friends lining the streets. That small town feeling of everyone knowing everyone is what I love most. Well, this year at the parade, non stop we heard "Hey Tishendorfs!!!" shouted to us from friends in the parade. As a family I can't imagine celebrating this holiday anywhere else.

The kids with their lemonade watching the parade!

Canby Football parade float. I couldn't talk Ryan or Brandon into riding it.

My favorite car in the parade.

1930s tractor.....loved the umbrella

Tyler will be the only one at Trost Elementary next year. This is the float for the Dual Language Immersion Program (Spanish) that Tyler is a part of. Our friends on the float were yelling for Tyler to jump up and join them....but our shy guy just wouldn't do it!

Sarah with her plethora of candy!

In the evening, all our neighbors come out into the streets and light off their fireworks prior to our town Fireworks show which is at our elementary school, 2 blocks away. Above is the only photo that turned out from the evening. I apparently hit a button that made the camera stay in zoom mode. We figured out what I'd done after the fireworks show had ended.

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