Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Canby Cougars at the County Tournament

Last weekend, Ryan and Ryley's baseball team went to the County Tournament that was held in Milwaukie, Oregon!!! Below are many photos that we took during the weekend. Tori and I both had cameras, but Tori took the majority of the photos and ALL of the videos for the weekend.

Me and Matt's mom in the bleachers at the first game Sunday morning.
Starbucks was a must that morning....Tori felt it was important to take a photo of our beverages.

Ryan up to bat

Getting ready to steal

Ryley up to bat

Ryan playing 3rd base

AHC (Assistant Head Coach) Matt watching from the dugout of Omie's specialties

Ryan pitching

Ryley playing 1st base

Taking the team out to lunch at Red Robin between games. Table for 20+ please!!!!

End of the tournament, Ryley is #9, Ryan is #5, Matt is on the far right. Everyone is lined up to receive their medals. The Cougars came in 3rd place in the tournament which means on Thursday they are headed to the state tournament!!!!

At home plate after receiving their medals. Ryley is in the front row on the left, Ryan is in the front row 3 from the left. Matt is in the back on the left.

Coach's plaque

Ryan and Ryley -- what great memories our boys will have going to State 2 years in a row!!!

One of the families on the team decided to invite everyone out to their country property for a victory party after the game!! Photos of the cakes that were brought for the boys!!!

Attempting to build a Cougars Team Pyramid...Ryley and Ryan are on the left in the middle row.

Attempting a father & son pyramid. Matt is 3rd from the left on the bottom row, Ryley is on the far right on the second row, Ryan is trying to start the top row on the far left.

Moms and our sons!!! We are SO proud of our boys!!!

While we were at the party a HUGE thunderstorm hit. Several of us had just headed across the property to the barn to see the horses and pony. We ended up standing under a HUGE old growth oak tree while it poured. When we came back we found many of the boys in the hot tub having a blast during the storm. Ryan is in the back right corner.

The team with their victory cakes!!!

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Brandi said...

Fun! Nicely done boys.