Friday, December 19, 2008

What a week!!!

The kids only went to school one day this week -- Thursday. Canby got about 1 inch of snow each weekday and the media went crazy calling this winter storm "Arctic Blast 2008". So, 1" of snow and surely an icy road somewhere in our town and the schools shut down.

After Tyler's shower Thursday night he came downstairs and had his pajamas on inside out and backwards. Why? Because that will make it snow again and there won't be school on Friday. Well, it worked. School was cancelled again today.

The kids were outside playing by 8am this morning.

Sweet Sarah

Tori, who is rarely without her Santa hat

Ryley who decided it would be a good idea to wear the paintball mask during a snowball fight.


Sarah next to her snow angel (see all that snow we way we could get to school in that!!)

We walked down with a few friends to the kids' Elementary school to play in the snow for a few hours. We pretty much had the place to ourselves!

Ryan ready for his snowball fight!

Tori starting on the snowman

Sarah was in charge of the head.

Tori, our friend Belle and Sarah with their snowman

Sarah playing in the igloo or "snowglobe" as they called it when the snow started really coming down.

Working on the town's biggest snowball

It took 5 middle school boys to get it all the way across the field

Our friend Breadon, Ryan, Ryley, our friend Jake and Brandon

What a great day!

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