Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Celebrating Christmas Eve

It is Christmas Eve morning and all 6 kids are bursting with excitement!!! They can't wait to open a gift tonight and suggested that they be able to open one at noon. Then decided since Matt won't be home yet, they'd wait for him to get home and open it around 2pm. We finally agreed to 7pm because we have so many things to get done!!!

The house needs to be tidy so Santa doesn't trip.................

We will be making Fudge for Santa....I have several volunteers to help with that.

We will be baking cut out cookies and decorating them for Santa!! All hands on deck for that one!

Ryley, Tyler and Tori have volunteered to assist with lasagna making this evening for dinner......

There is so much excitement in this house it is unbelievable. Life doesn't get better than this!!!

In the afternoon, my Uncle Dave, Aunt Linda and Cousins Mary, Erik and baby Macey Timmons came by to visit! We hadn't met baby Macey yet, so we were all excited to meet her. She is absolutely adorable and such a happy little girl!

Sarah emptying a bag of goodies that was almost as tall as she is!

Curtis, Timmons and Tishendorfs!!!

Around 6:45 we did the kids gift exchange! They drew names this year and had fun playing "Secret Santa" delivering little surprises to each other!

Tori opening her gift from Ryley....

A plush Littlest Pet Shop Lady bug

Ryley opening his gift from Tori......

A Bendomino game (dominoes, but they are curved...much more challenging)

Brandon opening his gift from Ryan

A Nerf gun.....

Tyler with his gift from Brandon...Lego's and M&M fan

Sarah opening her gifts from Tyler

A My Little Pony

and another My Little Pony

Ryan opening his gift from Sarah....

hmmmmm...what do you know.... A Nerf Gun

After their gift exchange I got busy in the kitchen rolling out cookie dough for Santa's cookies!!!


Sarah was playing My Little Ponies....

Tyler built his Lego set....

Brandon and Ryan had Nerf wars and target practice on the upstairs windows (the darts have suction cups)

Ryley and Matt played "Bendominos"

Then it was time to follow our Christmas tradition of going out to feed Santa's Reindeer. The kids were out in the pouring rain, throwing the "reindeer food" (oatmeal and glitter) so Santa will be sure to find our house tonight!!!

Koda came in covered with glitter...

After some quick showers the kids were busy decorating cookies for Santa!!!

Their masterpieces!!!

Tori, Tyler and Sarah looking for Rudolph in the sky....

Ryan and Sarah out looking again a few minutes later....

Sarah wrote a letter to Santa... it says "Roller Skates Sarah" All of the letters are there, just not necessarily in the right order. The big Qs are lower case a's (an o with a tail). Thought she did pretty good for 3 years old.

Everyone contributed to Santa's buffet. Tori provided the milk and left a note to Santa, Tyler left out a tray of carrots for the reindeer, Brandon contributed fudge, Ryan left a note and some buckeyes, Ryley picked out a couple of the decorated cookies and Sarah decided Santa needed "sprinkles" and poured the cookie sprinkles straight onto the plate!

Then it was off to bed at 9pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our kitty Krystal wondering why there are so many kids invading the upstairs tonight.

Amber heading off to hide.



Tori and SarahBrandon

Before we went to bed we set out the gifts we have received from family by mail under the tree and can't wait to see what Santa will bring!

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