Thursday, December 25, 2008

It is a Holly Jolly Christmas..the best time of the year!!!

Merry Christmas! We hope all of our friends and family had a wonderful day, and all your wishes came true!!!!

Before we went to bed, we placed all the presents that had come in the mail under the tree!
We kept them put away for two reasons....our puppy would have thought they were his, and the kids would have squeezed, shook, and loved them until the paper fell off!

We woke up to find Santa had definitely stopped by during the night!

Santa came and filled our stockings!

Santa filled our tree with tons of candy canes!!!

This year Santa didn't leave any peppermint candy canes...all of them were new wild and crazy flavors. The elves must have been trying new recipes this year!

The kids started the morning off searching for the "green pickle" ornament. Every year Santa hides the pickle ornament somewhere on our tree.
The person who finds the pickle gets to open the first present! This year, Ryley found it after a good 10 minute search.

We opened gifts --- from Uncle Mike and Aunt Susan.....

Pictureka!!!! Thank you so much! We love playing games!

To Sarah from Great Grandma Hamlin......

The Cootie game!!!! She can't wait to play it with her best friend Mallory!!!

To Brandon, Ryan, and Ryley from Great Grandma Hamlin....

The game "Would you Rather"... which we played today and decided we would rather walk around with "one eye covered" than walk around "holding onto our tongue when we spoke".

To Tori and Tyler from Great Grandma Hamlin .....

The game "Cadoo". We can't wait to play it!!!!

For all the Great Grandkids from Great Grandma Hamlin......

A new printer for our new Mac computer!!! Thank you so much Great Grandma Hamlin...we needed that!

A group gift from Grandma and Grandpa Hamlin..... The game Quoridor. So far, Matt is the raining champion of this game. The kids and I are going to gang up and figure out a way to beat "the master" at this game!
Sarah shouted "A princess movie!!!" when she opened this gift from Grandma and Grandpa.
A great Lego set from Grandma and Grandpa for Tyler!!!
Sarah's American Girl Bitty Baby has a new Ballerina outfit from Grandma and Grandpa. It is so cute, it even came with tights and leg warmers.
Tori's American Girl doll in her new Dance Team outfit from Grandma and Grandpa!!! Apparently she made the dance team, just like Tori did! :)

I'm not sure what Santa was thinking bringing Ryan an electric guitar!!! Watch out world because he's going to "rock"!
Ryley will be aiming for the stars with his new telescope from Santa. He tried it out tonight but the clouds were in the way.
Lots and Lots of Legos from Santa for Tyler!and an ipod....FINALLY....
Tori and Ryley spent a lot of time playing with their new DS and many new games. Tori was learning to cook on Cooking Mama 2. Maybe she can teach us something.

Brandon spent most of the day playing X-box and his much coveted new games.

Tyler spent the day building his lego sets!
Tori showed us how well she can dance to the beat of "dance, dance, revolution". Something must have been wrong with the game though because every time I tried it, after 30 seconds it flashed a huge "FAILED" across the screen. Surely it can't be because I have no rhythm.

Sarah literally spent HOURS roller skating throughout the house. She surprised us with how well she balanced, so we will be taking skating lessons beginning in January!! She is so excited.

After a huge meal, and a day relaxing and napping we are thankful for all that we have....great friends, family, and our health. Wishing everyone a wonderful new year!!!

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