Saturday, December 6, 2008

Visiting The Pittock Mansion

Today we took our 2nd annual Christmas trip to the Pittock Mansion in Portland, Oregon. Matt's mom is visiting and has never been there AND it is the final location for the TV show "The Amazing Race"and will be in the season finale of the show. The mansion is open to the public all year, but each Christmas they have it decorated according to a theme. This year it was "The Night Before Christmas" and the kids kept an eye out in every room for the "mouse" (as in "not a creature was stirring..not even the mouse"). Last count I heard was well over 100 mice.
The 16,000 square foot mansion!

View from the mansion overlooking Portland

Everything about this mansion is ornate. The above photo is a glimpse of the ceiling.

The library

The dining room table

Ceiling in the dining room

The view from the HUGE formal dining room window...The Amazing Race ends at the end of this lawn!!!

The kitchen oven/stove
The pantry

Festive decor in "The Turkish Smoking Room"

I loved this elf in the tree...However the kids thought he "looks evil and freaks them out"

The kids in the "Sewing Room"

The sewing room

This tree is set up in one of the "sleeping porches" of the mansion

A fireplace in one of the bedrooms...Sarah was very concerned because Santa was stuck in the chimney
A view of the gorgeous marble and mahogany stairwell

Tori on the stairwell. Look at all that marble!!!!
The kids and Omie on the stairwell

A Santa themed Christmas tree that was on the bottom story near the ballroom. We were told that the Pittock children used to stand on the top floor and hold fishing poles that dropped down to the bottom (3rd floor0 to fish for their Christmas presents on Christmas morning.

Sarah near a side table on the main floor

The kids on the back patio. Behind them is the HUGE dining room window that over looks Mount Hood and the city of Portland

Omie with the kids in the back yard

You can't really tell, but behind the kids is a BEAUTIFUL view of Mt. Hood and the city of Portland

Just before leaving....we took this photo on the back patio. Many people have their professional wedding portraits taken at this location!

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