Monday, December 22, 2008

And the snow continues................

Being the workaholic he is...Matt left for work at 6am in his Subaru with snow tires and NOT the required chains (however, he did buy chains at work for his return home). His commute is usually 45 minutes, however today it was 1 1/2 hours thanks to the 35 mph speed and stops to de-ice and unfreeze his windshield wipers.

Picture he sent at 8am to show us that he made it to work. Vancouver Washington hasn't received any new snowfall today.

We however, have a new 4 1/2" and it doesn't look like it will stop snowing any time soon. Above is a photo out our back window. If the kids hadn't been out to play already, the snow was about 3" up the windows!!!

May scary looking bus which will be sitting in this spot until the ice is melted and gone.

My ice tree that I posted yesterday is now an ice AND snow tree.

Tori playing out front. The snow is all powder so we can't make snowmen, igloos or snowballs....we've all tried and it just won't pack.

Tori preparing a sledding ramp from our flower beds, down to the lawn.

The best snow igloo Tori and Ryley could make with all this powdery snow!

With over a foot of snow and no luck building snowmen, a friend mentioned making snow ice cream! So, we looked up a recipe and made it! Delicious!

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