Sunday, December 14, 2008

Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

"Winter storm '08" (as the media has dubbed it) has arrived and we are all excited about the snow that began early this morning! Below are photos in no particular order of the kids outings!

Sarah...I think she was biting her fingers which were probably numb.

Our neighbor Shawn who stood still so Sarah could throw a snowball at him.

The kids and neighbors collecting snow off the neighbors car for their snowball fight.

Me freezing and the kids playing in the snow.

No need to pack the snow when it is below 30 is more of an ice ball than a snow ball.

Ryan flirting with the neighbor girls (no surprise there)

The kids and Koda playing in the back yard.

Tori -- Loving the snow!

Sweet Sarah

Tyler's enormous snow ball

Our first snowman of the season. Sarah had to make sure he had a carrot nose.

Tyler collecting all the snow on the sidewalk.

Ryan playing basketball with huge snowballs (what a surprise....NOT!)

Sarah digging in the snow

Took this photo right before I brought her in for hot cocoa

Snowball fights with the neighbors

The shirt says it all

Little Cinderella

Tyler snuggling with Koda after a long day playing in the snow.

Koda playing in the snow with the kids

Playing in the back yard!

Ryan heading down the street to flirt (throw snowballs) at the neighbor girls

The neighbor boys coming to Sarah's rescue after Brandon hit her with a snowball.

Sarah walking Koda

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M2Mz said...

So wonderful the snow is. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!