Sunday, July 13, 2008

What a weekend!

The twins' baseball team made it into the county tournament. My parents came up and our weekend was long and hot while we watched the boys play ball! Our first game was Saturday morning, and we lost. Our second game we started in the late afternoon and won!
Sunday we were back at the fields bright and early for a 10am game. After going into double inning overtime, we won the game in 90 degree heat. The boys were thrilled with the win, but had to play their next game 30 minutes later. We lost our final game on Sunday which put the team in 5th place in the county tournament. On Monday evening we have a play off game at 8pm, and if they win, they will compete at the State Tournament this coming weekend.
Ryan up to bat Saturday morning
The boys doing a commitment circle prior to their second game. It was a great team motivator!
Matt and the coaches sitting in the shade waiting for the second game on Saturday
The boy's team after their win on Sunday morning after playing 8 innings!
Ryan receiving his tournament pin.
Ryley receiving his tournament pin.
After the games, my parents came over to give Tori her birthday gift!
Tori with Grandma
Tori with Grandpa
Little Miss Sarah who wanted her photo taken to!

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