Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 1 of Tori's New York Trip

Tori is back from her New York City trip and she had a WONDERFUL time. She did so many things, and they took over 260 pictures, so I'm breaking her trip down day by day!

Tori and Matt leaving the house Wednesday morning at 4am to catch their flight at PDX.
They arrived in New York just before 3pm, and took a shuttle 16 miles (1 hour New York driving time) to The Roosevelt Hotel, where they would be staying 4 nights! The location of the hotel was ideal. It is right next to Grand Central Station and within walking distance of Central Park, Times Square, the shopping district and Broadway! When they arrived, they were upgraded to a "premium" room and stayed on the top floor!
Tori in the hotel room!
Picture they took in Grand Central Station, when looking at the photo the arched walkways on the right and left lead to the subways.
All around the city they have 42 different statue of liberties painted to represent the all-star baseball teams. Tori with the New York Yankees Statue of Liberty.

Tori in the middle of Times Square!
Tori at M&M World!
Toys R Us in Times Square!
The Ferris Wheel INSIDE Toys R Us!
Matt and Tori rode in the Buzz Light Year Ferris Wheel section!
Looking down from the Ferris Wheel while it stopped to let passengers off down below. Tori said it was quite scary being up so high and not moving!

Tori on the ride!
Toys R Us Lego section, Statue of Liberty made completely of Legos!
Empire State Building made completely of Legos!
Matt and Tori walked all over Times Square, went to dinner and then headed back to the hotel for a good night's sleep, so they could continue their adventure on day #2!

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