Monday, July 21, 2008

Day 2 of Tori's New York Trip

Thursday morning Tori and Matt started their day with a Starbucks breakfast and then headed into Manhattan for a New York city bus tour!
American Girl Place Store with red awnings! Tori will be going there on Day #3!
St. Patrick's Church on the right with large steeples is where Donald and Ivana Trump were married.
Hugh Hefner stays in the top 4 stories of the stone building when he is in town.

Notice the buildings on the right. You see the one Hugh Hefner stays in and just behind that the one Donald Trump lives in when in New York City. Across the street to the left of the picture, you notice the buildings are shorter. Why? Donald Trump bought their above that building (literally for millions). By owning the "air", nobody can build any higher above that building, therefore preserving his view.
Statue and horse and buggy ride at Central park
View of Central Park
Tori on the tour bus!

Look at the top of these buildings...they have HUGE roof top water towers they use to hold water for the tenants.
Macy's downtown Manhattan. The largest store in the World that literally takes up an entire city block. It has 1 million square feet of retail shopping space.
Memorial on Macy's Department Store. In the center of the building you see the two couples on either side. This is in honor of the owners of Macy's who died on the Titanic. The wife refused to get in a life raft, saying she'd never leave her husband's side and therefore they died together.
Giant Macy's bag, on top of a building that Macy's doesn't own. How did they get that there? In New York you can pay for the air above a building (mind you, the air isn't cheap) and Macy's did just that to be able to put their bag on top. Another interesting fact, the Macy's star logo......came from the original owner, Captain Macy who had a star tattoo on his hand.
The Empire State Building
Ground Zero at the end of this street
Another view of Ground Zero
View of Wall Street
7000 pound "Charging Bull" statue on Wall Street
Garden in front of Battery Park
Federal Building
Korean War Memorial
Maritime War Memorial
View of Statue of Liberty from Battery Park
Tori with another Statue of Liberty on Liberty Island. Manhattan is in the background.
View of Ellis Island from the Ferry
The Statue of Liberty
This is as close as they could get!
Tori at the Ellis Island Immigration Museum
View of the entryway to the Museum
Immigration Hall
600,000 men and women passed through this hall trying to immigrate to the USA.
Tori with statue in the Immigration Museum
Looks wide open now, but it used to be packed to the brim.
Another Statue of Liberty!
Tori and Matt finished off the evening attending the 8pm performance of The Little Mermaid on Broadway!
Tori said the play was her favorite part of the trip!

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