Thursday, July 24, 2008

Baseball season is over

It is season is now over. Tonight was our teams' picnic and family baseball game (parents vs. kids). The kids had a great year. Fabulous coaches, wonderful parents and it one of those years that you are sad the sport has come to an end.

Ryley sporting his new shirt that his coaches gave him!
Sarah with her friend Mallory
Ryan recieving his "dog tag" from his coaches. They opted for dog tags this year, rather than trophies that do nothing but collect dust. The dog tags have the kids names, jersey numbers and notes that they went to the State Tournament. The coaches talked about the nicknames they gave the kids. Ryan's nickname is "Maverick". Coach Bret said Ryan reminds him of Tom Cruise in the movie Top Gun.
Ryley with the coaches after getting his dog tag. His nickname was Pete, after Pete Rose.
Ryan in the back right playing 2nd base in our game tonight with kids vs. parents. (yes, the kids won against all of us old folks)
Brandon playing 1st base (he was on the adult's team)Sarah waiting for a ball in right field!

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