Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Day 5 in New York

Day # 5 Matt and Tori relaxed in the hotel until it was time to head to the airport. The weather was unseasonably warm, and they had seen all they had hoped to the previous 4 days!

The hotel lobby!
Another view of the hotel lobby!
Tori with The Oregonian Newspaper and her Playbill from The Little Mermaid! The story behind this photo is that The Oregonian has a Travel section, that had an article about a girl's visit to New York City. It had a list of places to visit with a young girl and it included a section about the Broadway Play The Little Mermaid. The travel section of the Newspaper also notes, that if you take a photo of yourself, with the Travel Section, in the location they suggested,they will publish your photo in the Travel Section of an upcoming issue! Guess who is going to be in The Oregonian???????
The temperature was 97 degrees, before noon!
Tori on her first Taxi ride!
As luck would have it, Matt and Tori arrived at the airport around 2pm for their 7:30pm flight. A thunderstorm was rolling in, and the wind gusts were so strong they had reduce flights to one lane of incoming flights, and one lane of outgoing flights. After boarding the plane and waiting half an hour, the pilot came on to say that they were #66 in line awaiting take off. Their flight finally took off after 10:30pm. Instead of arriving in Portland at 11:20pm, they arrived just before 3am, and were really glad to be home!

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