Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools Day!!!!

On Monday I received Family Fun Magazine in the mail, and they had a great section on April Fools Day pranks!!!

To set the stage, Tuesday afternoon, I had a talk with the kids about how "bad" I felt about having them make their lunches every morning, and that I was going to make it up to them by making their lunch for them that evening. They had no clue that Wednesday was April Fools day!

After they were in bed, I made their sandwhiches -- Frosting, chocolate chips and marshmallows!

Then, I emptied individual potato chip bags, and replaced the chips with baby carrots and perfectly resealed the bags with double sided tape!
The school lunch production line.....
Wish I could have been at school to see their reaction!

Our next prank was to put food coloring at the bottom of the cereal bowls, then top it with cereal!

They didn't have a clue!!!

Until they poured their milk in the morning and all of a sudden it turned green!

Sarah and Tyler really got a kick out of it!
I made Sarah a bagged lunch, just like the older kids.

When she got the sandwich out she started looking at the side because some of the colored frosting was squeezing out. Then she asked "Why is there candy in my sandwich?"

Taking a bite......

Hmmmm....There is A LOT of candy in there!!!!

Thumbs up on the "candy sandwich"

Then she opened her chip bag....found the carrots.....she was NOT happy about that. Really not happy and demanded "THERE ARE SUPPPOSED TO BE CHIPS IN THERE" She wanted REAL chips and carried on for quite some time. Finally she agreed to eat the carrots with ranch. (All of the kids had the same reaction about the carrots-- they weren't super surprised about the candy sandwich since I have been known to make grilled PB&J sprinkled with Cinnamon sugar on occasion!)

Next prank was for dinner. I filled the glasses with jello and stuck a straw in it!

Made "Fish Sticks" -- Sugar wafer cookies, covered in peanut butter and then dipped in crushed corn flakes.

The finished fish sticks that I had to hide in the freezer until dinner time.

Made peas from green Laffy Taffy

To pull off the prank, the "peas" went into the microwave

The "fish sticks" went into the oven

When dinner was ready, everything was plated for the kids

Filled the "catsup" bottle
and fed the family!

Ryley realzing he could turn his cup upside down!

Ryan thought that was so funny. I wish I would have taken a picture of Sarah, who was the first to try and take a drink and I thought she was going to die sucking on the straw. Poor girl was trying so hard to get her straw to work...

In the was a great day of making memories to last a lifetime!


Julie said...

oh I love this guys are such a cute family...Miss you guys!

Erik and Mary said...

Tina, you are so hilarious!!! I love that you posted photos of everything. The best was the jello in the glasses! I can't wait until we get to pull that stuff on Macey!