Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A day spent at Portland's Children's Museum

Today Sarah and I spent the day at Portland Children's Museum with our friends Jen and Lauren! With our weather changing from yesterday's blue skies and 80 degrees, to all gray clouds and a high of 56 it was a good day to be inside all day!

Sarah with a sculpture in front of Portland Children's Museum

Sarah was OVER THE TOP excited when she saw the Bob the Builder poster in front of the museum!!! Bob is "the man"!!!!

Playing dentist and cleaning the alligator's teeth

Playing cashier in the grocery store, while Lauren makes her purchases for the day!

We stopped at a "face painting" station, where Sarah drew on her face and was very proud of doing it "all by myself". She attempted to decorate Lauren's face, got in one swipe with a green face crayon and Lauren wanted nothing else to do with the whole "color all over your face" station.
Sarah entering the Bob the Builder exhibit

Hanging out driving "Scoop"

Playing at the water station!!!! We had a wonderful day with our friends!!!!

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