Sunday, April 5, 2009

Another busy weekend!

On Saturday, Tori's dance team competed in the Oregon State Dance Competition. This was their first year competing as a Performance Company and the girls did great...coming in 4th place! That was the good news.

The bad news is the girls had to arrive at 9:30am, the competition started at 11am (so the dance team, as well as the spectators were in the stands) and after a 2 minute performance by our team, the competition ended after 3:45pm. That was a whole lot of sitting, without any food, etc.

After we left the performance Tori and I headed to Quiznos for a quick meal and then to the Nail Salon for Pedicures in their amazing massage chairs. Upon leaving Tori and I both decided we need to talk Matt into buying us one of those chairs for home use!

With baseball season starting, and Tyler on one team (which I will be attending practices) and the twins on another team (practicing the same nights/times as Matt will be attending as assistant coach), Matt and I decided to take a "date day". We probably won't get to see much of each other once the games/tournaments begin..and that doesn't include juggling the rest of the kids activities into the mix.

Matt and I went to see the movie "Knowing" in the early afternoon (liked the movie until the end which we thought was cheesy), and then headed to PF Changs restaurant for a great lunch.

This evening we headed to the Shirrell farm for the basketball teams end of season BBQ! It was a gorgeous day....all blue sky and in the 70s!

Ryan getting his reward for "top field goal percentage, most points scored, and most assists"

The basketball team and coaches! What a great year they had!!!

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