Wednesday, April 22, 2009

GREASE is the word......................

Last night, Matt, Tori and I headed into Portland to see the Broadway play Grease at Keller Auditorium!!!

We stopped at the Quiznos so Matt could have some dinner, and Tori and I had a little dessert before the show!!!

Next we went to the Ira Keller Fountain!
Tori in the fountain, she said the water was FREEZING!

On our way to see the show!!!
Waiting for the show to begin!!!!

The show was great, but very PG -13 (oops on the parent meter for taking Tori...who knew????)

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Erik said...

Ha! That is funny! Oh, well one day she can laugh and say that she learned about "sex ed" through the broadway musical Grease! hee, hee. j/k
Looks like fun!