Saturday, April 25, 2009

Girl's day out!!!

Today Matt's mom came up for the day and we had a "girl's day out"!!!

Sarah's birthday is on Wednesday, so Omie brought Sarah's birthday gift! A gardening set, which Sarah couldn't wait to use. Our flowers are going to survive the summer for sure and Sarah will be planting her own little garden in our backyard garden bed.

Sarah with Omie (thank you Omie!!)

Omie also brought an Easter basket....Tori is working on one of the puzzles that was included in the basket. All of the kids LOVE puzzles/brainteasers. Omie bought one for our family last year that we still can't figure out. We are going to send it back to Eugene with her to see if the doctor she works for can find the solution, because WE GIVE UP!!!
Our first stop for "girl's day out" was Macaroni Grill for lunch! Food and conversation were wonderful. We are still trying to figure out why, when you walk in the Women's restroom, there is a sign on the door leading out, that says "Mens"

Tori doodling while waiting for our meal to come.

After a great lunch, we spent the day shopping at Bridgeport Village and Washington Square Mall! Photo above of Sarah with her new sunglasses that "have jewels" on them.

Tori's new pair of "frog angel" earrings!!!

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