Sunday, March 29, 2009

Out and about in Portland today!

With the cold weather (it is in the 40s) and the rain, we opted to go to Portland today, rather than take a road trip out exploring! We have seen Doug Fir Restaurant on Food TV a few times, so rather than have our traditional "doughnut day", we drove into Portland for a breakfast for 8!

A friend warned me (via Facebook) to be "prepared for a lot of hungover people", so we went with a "We are not in Canby (think Norman Rockwell town) anymore" outlook. There was one guy in dreadlocks, back in the "adults only" lounge, taking a "rest" on one of the sectionals, and another 50+ year old with dark sunglasses drinking his "scotch on ice" (at 9am -- party like a rock star!!!!), but the atmosphere was really kid friendly!

The kids in the foyer of Doug Fir Restaurant

The lounge, which is where they usually shoot the TV shows
My breakfast -- LaLuna Scramble which was really good. Brandon ordered the same and was not thrilled with the amount of onion (too much for him). I want to know how they make their Rosemary potatoes!
The atmosphere at the restaurant was pretty eclectic. Behind our table was a wall with mirrors that thrilled Sarah and a lady at a near by table asked if I'd taken the girls to the bathroom. She said it was a "must see", so while waiting for our orders, I took the girls. I didn't bring my camera, so the photo above was taken with my iPhone. The photo is of Sarah, inside the bathroom, near the door. That is the only light that comes into the bathroom. The whole room is covered with the 70 style, 12 by 12 glass mirrors (you are literally in a mirrored room). Considering the bathrooms are in the lounge, this could be quite confusing for their patrons after consuming several beverages. The funniest part was when other people came in for the same reason we see what the the rave was about.

Outside Doug Fir, on the sidewalk on 9th Avenue.

Our next stop after breakfast was the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry! This is the view from the second story of OMSI, looking out to the city of Portland and the Columbia River!
We went to the IMAX theater and watched Adrenaline Rush. Matt said he would definitely go skydiving, and possibly even base jumping. I'm vetoing the whole base jumping idea.

At OMSI the exhibit was Da Vinci and they wouldn't allow any cameras or cell phones at the exhibit, so the best we could offer for the blog was our own personal Mona Lisa portraits (note here, the older boys had no desire to be Mona)

Sarah Lisa

Tyler Lisa

Tori Lisa

Tina Lisa

Matt Lisa

Tyler in front of a Saber tooth Cat skeleton in the live science hall

On the way home we stopped at Jack in the box for milk shakes. Took the picture above because I want a tree like this one. I think it is a "Japanese plum", Matt thinks it is a "Japanese maple". Whatever it is...I want it!!!! Gorgeous in the spring!

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