Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vacation Day #5

Wednesday started off with a new discovery...... BIG BUGS!!!!  Now, we KNEW there were bugs....lots of a matter of fact....because in the evening, on the adult patio, we would sit out and watch the bats fly around and any light on an outdoor window was COVERED with little gnat like bugs.  However, when we were getting ready to leave the log cabin Wednesday morning, we found this guy.

Now, by looking at the picture, he doesn't appear to be anything special, because I have nothing next to him to compare his actual size to....but see the vertical board next to him....that is a 2 by 4, and he is longer than the 4 inches.  If you were to set him on a deck of cards...he is the same size as the deck.  BIG OL' YUCK!!!!!

We decided to stay local for the day and check out the sights.  Pam and Justin recommended a canoe ride they had taken the day before, so Matt, Sarah, and the boys rented canoes from the Sunriver Marina and took a Canoe ride down the Deschutes River.

  In the photo above matt, Sarah and Ryley are in the first canoe, Brandon, Tyler and Ryan are in the second.

Once again the non-perfect parenting skills show up when we put our 3 sons in a canoe (which they have never been in before) and do not give them any instructions on how steering with oars work.  The boys made it across the river and discovered the bushes on the other side quite quickly....Good thing they are smart and figured it out quickly on their own!

View from Matt's spot in the canoe!!!

A beautiful day to be on the Deschutes River

The boy's canoe gliding along

Super Sailor Sarah!!!

The ducks are obviously used to being fed along the way.  They aren't shy about coming to the canoes and asking for a handout.

While the rest of our crew was on the water, Tori and I headed in the opposite direction and spotted a dear along the way!!!

Where we had reservations at the Stables to go on a trail ride!!!!!  Above is Tori ready to go riding!!!  This was her first time on a horse!!!

They wouldn't allow photos while on the trail ride, so this is the only other photo I took while at the stables.  Tori on her horse for the hour "Julio"!!!  

My horse's name was George.  Now, during the lecture about safety on the horses, the Marlboro Man said not to allow our horses to graze.  It makes for an ill behaved horse. So, we were to YANK straight up on our horse if he decided to take a nibble along the trail ride.

I don't have a picture of George -- Tori may have one on her phone that I can upload at a later time, but George was one of the two TALLEST horses in our group of about 20 riders.  George also, decided that the trail was one long buffet line.  So, my experience went something like this....George has to follow at a snails pace, therefore decides to take his first nibble.  I grab the reigns and lift straight up and NOTHING HAPPENS.  Thick necked buffet belly George is not affected whatsoever by my yanking.  Tori behind me is giggling as I resort to verbal commands "No George...YANK....George stop being naughty....Yank......George you need to knock it off.....Yank..... Eventually I gave up and decided to let him dine intermittently as long as he didn't come to a complete stop...(note here:  Horse ownership is not for me....)

After our canoe and horseback riding adventure we decided to head into Bend and take a tour of Deschutes Brewery.  Above are the kids with their pre-tour beverage!!!

Matt and I at the bar sampling the different options.  What I learned....Black Butte Porter is okay,  The IPA option was BITTER and so that sample I immediately gave to Matt to finish.  Black Butte XXII was my absolute favorite....Good news!!!  Found one I liked (must have been all of the chocolate!!), BAD NEWS it cannot be purchased.  Something to do with putting in 100  pounds too much chocolate and during bottling it caused the neck of the bottle to clog.  So....we have to wait until at least next year for the brew to be available.  Sigh........ 

On the tour of the brewery.

We found out the vessels that hold the beer are made within walking distance of our home in Canby, Oregon at JV Northwest!!!

That evening we spent hanging out after dinner, made a GREAT dessert pizza, took a dip in the hot tub, and then played some late night Scattergories (this photo was taken close to midnight!!!)  It was an evening of vacation bliss....hanging out with family and friends and enjoying life!!!

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