Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another fun weekend

One of the best things about living close to Portland, Oregon, is the availability of non-stop events.  I am a huge fan of PDX Pipeline for finding out what events are coming up.  Every week they send out an email with a list of upcoming weekend events.  I also follow them on Facebook, where they offer free tickets to events.  Last week they posted on Facebook that they were going to give away tickets for Helium Comedy Club's opening weekend.  I threw my name into the mix along with the comment "This mother of 6 needs a night out!!" and found out I was one of the winners!!!!  

We headed to the comedy club and being that Matt and I have been out of the "club scene" for 15+ years, I have to say I was pretty excited to have the doorman ask for our IDs...yep...we are looking YOUNG....or that is just his job requirement, but I'm voting for the YOUNG reason.

 When they seated us, they placed us in front and center of the stage.   That gave me a huge UH OH moment, as prior to seating, Matt and I were sitting in the lounge having one of the "required" adult beverages as one of the comedians came in and was visiting with people throughout the bar.  I told Matt "you know he's stalking the audience to find who he wants to pick on and he'll make sure they are sitting front and center".

Comedian Auggie Smith of Portland -- Very funny, and didn't pick on us!!!  PHEW!!! 

After the show with 2 of the comedians.  What a great night out!!!!

Sunday Afternoon Matt and I headed back to Portland to attend the NW Natural Street of Dreams .  This year definitely wasn't one of our favorites.  I brought my camera, but never took it out of its case.  Matt and I love traditional style homes, and 3 of the homes were really modern.  The lots were very tiny, so no landscaping ideas to photograph. 

This was our favorite house on the tour...of course, it is $1.7 million dollars, over 5000 square feet, etc. etc. etc.

The back of the home has several levels of decks.  Took this photo with my iphone looking down to the level that has a pool  (which is completely covered by the upper deck OREGON our pools are usually INDOORS.... SIGH)

Loved the concrete counter top in the "man cave".  I want that in my NEXT house!!!!

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