Sunday, August 29, 2010

Tyler's 10th Birthday

Tyler is officially 10 years old (as of August 24th.... I'm a little behind on blogging)!!!!

How did he choose to celebrate his birthday?  Well.....  First he chose what he wanted for breakfast....

His Choice ----   7-11 Breakfast burritos
(My response...  "WHAT??????????" His response...  "Yeah, one morning I went with Dad to 7-11 when we were going somewhere and they have breakfast burritos and they are REALLY good")

So, Tyler and I headed to 7-11, where they had 4 "breakfast burritos"  (ewwwwww) under the hot lamps, rolling away on the hot dog rollers (because they weren't any larger than a hot dog) and we got a BARGAIN when we purchased the 4 burritos for $4, and he ate every single one of them with a HUGE smile on his face!!!

Next stop....was a trip to the store so he could buy the latest and greatest Video Game of all time "Lego Harry Potter" and to get the Chocolate Caramel Ice Cream cake!!!!

While I went to run a few errands, we received the call that his lunch choice was Domino's Pizza.   Luckily he agreed to go with a Costco Pepperoni instead!!!

He spent the afternoon playing the coolest game ever and then put in his dinner request.  El Chilito's Mexican to go with a Horchata (our new favorite drink of choice...  Note to Starbucks...please put this on your menu...Thank you in advance)

Stay tuned in September when he takes his birthday trip to Legoland!!!
(For those of you that follow our blog, but haven't actually met our family, we have a family tradition.  When our children turn 10 years old, they get to choose any place in the USA to spend 4 days with their dad (he works long hours, and we don't get a lot of time with him during the week).  Their gift from us is time alone with their dad to make memories and enjoy a vacation of their choice!!

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