Sunday, November 22, 2009

Under the Moonlight

It is our FAVORITE time of the year in the Pacific Northwest!!! It is chilly outside, the rains have arrived, and that means there is a constant fire in the fireplace and always something yummy on the stove or in the oven!!!

I was awaken this morning by a windstorm with pouring horizontal rain hitting my bedroom window .... which sounded more like objects being thrown non-stop with an attempt to break into our home. I was smart and snuggled down deeper into my covers..... because it is Sunday, and Sunday IS my favorite day for sleeping in. (Actually, I love sleeping in EVERY day...and being as I live a life of leisure....well, it is something I do on a regular basis. But, enough about me!)

The highlight of today was SURPRISINGLY NOT Matt's and my grocery shopping trip in preparation for Thanksgiving -- Why is it we can fill 1 cart with groceries, get to the checkstand and need 2 carts to take it out of the store???? (Have I mentioned it is FABULOUS FOOD season???) The actual highlight was our (Matt, Tori, Brandon and I) trip to the local Cinema to see NEW MOON!!! Yes, the 4 of us have read the Twilight series and are diehard fans!!!

Bella, Edward and Jacob

Edward...the Vampire.  Unfortunately nobody in the family is on Team Edward anymore.  In fact, when Edward came on the screen shirtless....Tori said "Ewwwww". 

Tori is now officially on Team Jacob.  She is a giddy, non-stop giggling middle school er since seeing the movie.  It is SO good being 11 years old, and in love with a werewolf....Who knew????

As for me....Well, I am on Team Mike....  That's right.  I'm cheering for the guy that the werewolf referred to as "a marshmallow".  And, yes, I know how the series ends....but someone has to root for the underdog (no pun intended).

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Brandi said...

too funny~I heard something about team Mike and didn't get it until now.
YOu are so good~ Thanks for sharing.