Saturday, November 7, 2009

Look what we found!!!!

So, Tori decided to bring in our skeleton from the front yard and as she brought it into the entryway, she found this spider!!!!  Yes it is a real spider!!!!!  She screamed...............

..............went running across the room and jumped up on Matt's shoulders!!!   (Just kidding....this is actually a photo of her using Matt as a jungle the gym the other day!)  In reality ....she did SCREAM then run to her brothers and asked them to help her get the spider.  Which, of course, then I had to go and see the spider...and then get the camera....and then kindly dispose of the spider outside...being sure not to injure the rare orange thing and let it get back to nature.  Of course, about 20 minutes later I went out the front door to put out the recycling and apparently the spider wasn't a fast little guy and sadly didn't make it out of the way of my shoe.  Oops!

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