Saturday, November 7, 2009

Carving up a good time.....

On Wednesday the kids carved up their pumpkins (note here....Brandon deemed it not cool to pick out a pumpkin at the patch this year....and didn't partake in the pumpkin carving :(  The teen years have arrived.

Carving away!!!!

Sarah and Ryley

The Ry-Man

Tyler and Tori

Sarah with her happy pumpkin!

Tori went for a scary pumpkin....

Ryley opted to let our Halloween guests know they should "BEWARE"

Ryan --  Who attempted a Portland Trailblazer symbol.....gave up after a while and opted for a quick face.

For some reason I am not finding a photo of Tyler's Frankenstein pumpkin....Instead, I'm posting a photo of him.....all ready to head out to a costume party at a friend's house Friday night!!!!!!

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