Saturday, November 7, 2009

Filming the news.....

A week or two ago, Sarah and I spent the day shopping in Clackamas and on our way home we stopped in Milwaukie at Bob's Red Mill for lunch.  While we were having lunch at our table, the news crew showed up to film a cooking segment for KOIN News Channel 6!!! 

The gentleman to the left with the red vest  is "Bob" the owner of the Mill!!!

After we were done with lunch we stopped to pick up some oatmeal (note here, if you haven't tried their strawberry or blueberry oatmeal.....stop what you are doing...go to the store...and stock up!!! ) Sarah saw Bob walking around and asked why his photos were on ALL of the boxes and packages?  Then she asked if she could have her photo taken with him.  I think her thought process went along the lines of......if I have my photo with him, then MY photo will be on the boxes!!!  Of course, Bob said sure and then treated her to a HUGE fresh baked cookie from his restaurant!!!

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