Friday, February 13, 2009

Special Valentines Delivery

Yesterday our neighbors surprised us with a handmade valentine and a box of chocolates! Sarah was so excited, she wanted to deliver her own Valentines. So, this morning we made strawberry cupcakes and decorated them, and took them to neighbors.

Sarah with one of the plates she delivered!

Now, the funny part of the story. I have two good friends that I get together with often for coffee or lunch and Sarah wanted to deliver cupcakes to them as well. We went to the first house, and she wasn't home. We went to the second house...she wasn't there either. So, as Sarah is walking down from the doorstep she says to me "Well, looks like we'll have to eat them".
So, once we arrived home, we sat and ate the cupcakes and enjoyed them immensely.

Later, one of my friends asked if we had come to the door. She had heard her dog barking , but she was in the shower. I said to Sarah "Miss Kristey wants to know where her cupcake is?" Sarah replies with "Oh".....then a few seconds later "Well, I just ate it for her!" It is SO good to be 3 years old!

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