Sunday, February 8, 2009

Out and about on a sunny 60 degree day!!!

I'm trying to do better on keeping up the blog ! Yesterday the sun came out and it was a gorgeous, cloudless day! We can't wait for the sun to shine on a regular basis.

In the morning we went to Ryan's basketball game...enough said...we won't give the details, other than to say we are SURE his team will have a huge comeback at Sunday's game!

In the afternoon we went to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch (thanks for the gift card Mom and Dad). The kids loved the brick oven that the pizzas were cooked it (we need one of those)!

Tori with her Sundae!

Ryan with his sundae!

Sarah with her sundae!

Tyler with his Sundae!And Matt gets "the bill"!

Brandon wouldn't let me take a photo of him with his sundae at the 13 he is much to cool to have mom shooting photos of him. I was however allowed to take a photo of him in the van after we went to Costco and bought shelving for our garage!All 8 of us spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning out the garage and putting up our "industrial strength shelving units!!! The kids now have a place for everything and then some!

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