Friday, February 20, 2009

A game to remember......

In case you didn't read the post prior to this one, on Monday night, one of Ryan's basketball teammate's father was in a car accident and lost his life. The coach planned on cancelling the boys' game on Wednesday, but Ryan's teammate insisted that he wanted to play.

Matt thought it would be a good idea to have all the boys wear matching arm bands in honor of Don Shirrel, and after speaking with the coach, it was decided that "red" should be the color in honor of Molalla Fire Department where Don was a volunteer firefighter.

I have to share that I called Big 5 Sporting Goods in Milwaukie, Oregon and told them that I needed 30 arm bands (parents, coaches, team members) in red, and the reason. The store manager immediately offered a 40% discount, located the quantity of arm bands I need in Portland and Vancouver, Washington and had them at his store in Milwaukie within 12 hours of my call. I am so thankful for his thoughtfulness, and generosity!

Coach handing out the arm bands to the team and explaining what they symbolize.

Ryan during the game.
Boys on the sidelines

Playing ball.....

After the game, the opposing team lined up with our team.

The other team, knowing about our teammate's father had been wearing black arm bands.

After the game, they greeted our players, removed their black arm bands and gave them to our boys.

After the exchange.............

Molalla Fire Department (who came to watch the game), along with the teams!!!

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