Sunday, February 22, 2009

Do you VooDoo?

In our home, every Sunday is "doughnut day", and that usually means that Matt gets up bright and early and heads to our local Thriftway for a couple dozen doughnuts. Today however, we decided to take a road trip to Portland and try the famous VooDoo Doughnuts, that everyone raves about. The shop keeps with Portland's motto "Keep Portland weird"!

In the parking lot of VooDoo Doughnuts...a topiary voodoo doll, being stabbed with life size pins

Coffin bench inside the restaurant

Tyler with his mini m&m topped doughnut

Ryley with his "voodoo" doughnut

Seating was eclectic in the shop....including elementary school desks. Sarah went for the mini m&m doughnut

Brandon's doughnut was topped with Captain Crunch cereal

Ryan's doughnut had chocolate frosting and tons of chopped Oreo cookies

Tori's had white frosting with Oreo cookies

Matt had Captain Crunch as well

I had the ninja turtle doughnut


Erik and Mary said... all have the coolest traditions! Doughnut Day! How creative!!! Erik has tried it but I have not. What did you think? Any good? Or just weird?

tishclan said...

Everyone but Ryley liked the doughnuts. They are definitely fresh baked :) Ryley wasn't thrilled with the filling in his doughnut. Poor kid. Got the coolest looking doughnut...then was bummed half-way through.