Saturday, February 28, 2009

Donating to "Locks for Love"

Tori has been growing her hair out for a VERY long time and it has finally reached her waist! So, we headed to the local salon to donate her hair to Locks for Love.

Before photo --- her hair was all the way down to her waist!

Heading to the salon!
At the salon -- She brought a photo of a trendy new hairdo she wanted!

They braided her hair in preparation for the donation!

Her braids are cut and ready for donation!

Getting her trendy new hairdo!

Her new trendy hairdo and 13 inches worth of golden locks!


Lyndell and Jamie said...

Love it! (and Jamie gave it an enthusiastic "That's cool!"). Way to go, Tori!

Work Blog said...

I love her new haircut...she looks beautiful as always, and so proud of her for donating :)

Love ya Tori