Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It is back to school season.....

It is back to school season and all of the kids were looking forward to their first day of school!!

Brandon's first day at the high school relatively well.....he caught the bus (for the first time!!!).....sat through orientation.....for some reason they didn't have his schedule, so after the tour of the school he headed to the counseling office to get his schedule and came home.  The good news...they gave him a schedule...but it was missing his band class, so his schedule had to be redone and he is supposed to receive it today (Wednesday morning).  The bad news...since he didn't have his schedule with him, he has no idea where any of his classes are.  Nothing like an adventure to start out your high school year!!!

Tyler is in 5th grade and still in the Spanish Immersion Program!!!  He spends half of his day learning in Spanish (classes in Spanish are reading and mathematics) and half the day in English (science and social studies I believe...but could be wrong...).  He is thrilled to have several of his good friends in his class this year.  The best news of all.......He has his FAVORITE teacher again this year.  Mrs. Reid (who was his teacher in 3rd grade) who is absolutely phenomenal!!!

Little miss Sarah starts Kindergarten this year and is SO excited to start attending school!!!  She is pictured above on the left with two of her favorite friends!!!

All 3 of her friends from dance class transferred to her school from other schools in the area and they ended up in the same class together!!!  They'll be spending 80% of their class time learning in Spanish!!!  It is going to be a SUPER fun year for these wonderful girlies!!!!

Ryan is starting 8th grade this year!!!  

Tori Lynn is in 7th grade this year!!!!

Ryley is in 8th grade this year!!!!

My THREE middle schoolers on their first day at their new Middle School!!!!  They were all excited to head out the door this morning!!!!

Of course....I had to follow them with the camera this morning as they left the house.....

and down the sidewalk

and past the neighbors as they headed down the street

and it was at about this point this morning when I ran ahead to take some more photos...while I was cheering "Papparazzi!!!  Papparazzi!!!"  That a neighbor across the street (who I didn't see originally)  shouted out "I take it this is the first day of school?????"   

YIKES!!!!  How I then decided to scurry quickly back home........ and I'm sure my kids were THRILLED that I was no longer on their trail!!!!

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