Thursday, September 23, 2010

Food Carting....

On Monday, my friend Angelica and I headed to Portland for one of my favorite lunch adventures.... Food Carts!!  Portland is known for its food carts, and I am bound and determined to try them all eventually!!!

Our original plan was to head to Mississippi Marketplace, to try some of the food carts there.   We drove 45 minutes to Portland....were thrilled to find a parking spot right next to the marketplace and the food carts....and then realized why we were SO LUCKY!!  The food carts are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays....  SIGH!!!!!

Not to worry....Being a Food Cart Junkie I knew exactly where to go, and we headed back Portland and found (once again) a GREAT parking spot right by the parking lots that have dozens of food carts on 10th and Alder!!!

After literally walking around to each and every food cart, we made our choice......

Angelica in front of the "Bento" food cart!!!!

Me with our food and our chopsticks....(note here, Angelica and I will be practicing our chop stick skills in the rice can take a LONG time to eat if you go with the stab and scoop method)

Our DELICIOUS food!!  Salad, glass noodles, Kimchee (to spicy for us to try), I had teryaki chicken over rice and she had their spicy chicken over rice, and we had an appetizer of pot stickers.

After eating and eating and eating until we couldn't eat anymore, we saw a homeless person going through the trash.  He was thrilled to have our left overs ... in his words "I'll definitely take it.  It is FRESH food!!!"   (Note to self....another thing I take for granted on a daily basis..not just having food, but FRESH food)

It was a fabulous afternoon and I'm looking forward to the day we go back again to Mississippi Avenue when those carts are open :)

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