Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dinner, Ducks and a Downpour

 On Friday night, Matt and I headed to Portland for dinner at Morton's Steakhouse to celebrate his latest promotion!!!
 Matt with his margarita ----  Grainy photo is thanks to having the ORIGINAL iphone, with no flash and having the "ambiance" lighting provided in the restaurant. 


 Morton's restaurant customized our menus for the evening!!!

 My appetizer -- Tuna Tartare  -- Delicious!  I didn't take any other food photos....too busy devouring the wonderful food they offer!!!  

One picture I wanted to take -- but didn't.....  While sitting at our table, there was a wheeled cart, that was against the wall, behind Matt.  On the cart were 3 silver platters.  One platter with vegetables, one platter with all of the different steaks they offer on the menu, and one with a lobster.  While chatting with Matt, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something move (long antennae).  Thought I was imagining it, until I saw a much more noticeable movement (the leg) of the 4 pound Maine Lobster.  Which then resulted in my saying "Matt,  there is a live lobster on the platter....isn't there supposed to be a tank somewhere???"  As it would be "bad manners" to get up and take a photo of Mr. Lobster...I had the opportunity to visit him up close when our friendly waiter "Jeremy" wheeled the cart over for our dining experience lesson (always nice to have a lobster right next to you -- lucky guy was flown in that day from Maine).  We learned about the veggies, the steaks and the lobster (no tanks....they breed bacteria, and one bad lobster infects the rest, so they fly the lobsters in every day, and have them individually wrapped in seaweed.  Within 2-3 days, those left over become lobster bisque.
 My end of the 5 course meal coffee beverage -- OH SO good!!!

 Saturday morning, Matt and 3 of the boys headed south to Eugene to attend the Oregon Ducks vs. Portland State Football game.  Above is a photo of my "Duck Men" -- note Brandon is not in the photo because he is an Oregon State BEAVERS fan.  He was a good sport and donned a Ducks baseball hat at the game but was not willing to be in the family "duck fan" photo!!!

 The boys in front of the Moshofsky Center

 The field at Autzen Stadium

 The boys cold and rained throughout the entire game, and the score at half time was around 54-0, so after warming up for a bit in the Moshofsky Center they all decided they'd rather head home and listen to the rest of the game on the radio.  That ended up being an excellent choice, because those that stayed for the entire game got stuck in the Duck and Beaver (who also had a game that day) traffic on I-5 and took them over 5 hours to get home (normally a 1 1/2 hour drive).

On Saturday night, at about 9pm a storm came in.  You know the storms, where all of a sudden you hear rain POUNDING on the roof, and within 2 minutes the gutters are overflowing, the street is full and the drains cannot keep up and there is flooding in the streets.  The temperature was actually pretty warm, so Matt and I drug a few of the kids outside and taught them one of life's lessons --  Sometimes you have to learn to dance in the rain!!!  They had a GREAT time puddle jumping, running around, and trying to do baseball slides across the front lawn. 
 Soaked from head to toe!!!

Charger coming in after playing for an hour in the rain!

 The kids having fun in the storm

Learning to do a baseball slide.....

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