Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tori's turns 12

We celebrated Tori's 12th birthday with a couple of her friends (we've learned that the one big bummer about having a summer birthday is friends are at camps and on vacation and it is hard to get people together).  They started the day off with lunch at Red Robin!!!

We had the restaurant to ourselves since we were one of their first customers, so the girls made the most of the opportunity to pose for pictures!

Tori standing on the chair, with balloons wrapped around her head and a spoon in her hand while they sang the birthday song to her.

The girls sharing the sundae

The girls spent the next 3 1/2 hours at Clackamas Aquatic Center in the wave pool and going down the slides and took a few breaks to go out and lay in the sun :) (in Oregon most of our pools are indoors)

In the evening we headed 40 minutes south to go to the twin's last baseball game of the season in Silverton, OR.   Their team was in the playoffs to get into the county tournament.  Unfortunately, they didn't make it, but the boys played hard and had a good season.  Ryan is the first on the left.  Ryley  is in the center with his hand in front of his eyes shielding him from the sun, and Matt is the second on the right (he was assistant coach)

Tori with one of her friends that made the trip south to watch the game!

Ryley bunting, with Matt in the background as 3rd base coach.  Photo by Tori 

Ryan up to bat with Matt in the background as 3rd base coach.

A bunch of our friends made the trip south to cheer for the team!!  Two of our friends are also baseball coaches for younger aged teams.  We took the photo of the coaches all conversing and strategizing.

Happy Birthday Tori !!!

May all your birthday wishes come true!!  We LOVE you!!!!

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