Monday, July 12, 2010

Sunday road trip

Sunday was a beautiful blue sky day, so we loaded up the bus, with no particular destination in mind, filled the gas tank and headed out for an adventure.  We decided to head south, and eventually ended up on Hwy 22 and going east toward the Cascade range!

First dam we came to along the way

Waterway behind the dam

Detroit Lake and the dam to the right

Gorgeous lake, between the two mountains full of trees is a snow capped mountain covered by clouds.  We think it may be Mt. Washington but aren't sure.

We stopped for lunch at Sammy's Pizza and must say they give Abby's a run for their money!!  Pizza was delicious and got 8 thumbs up!!!

Tori, Sarah and Tyler checking out the temperature of the lake

Temperature was fine....Tori watching Ryan and Tyler test the water

Matt, Tori and Ryan swimming across the lake so they can dive off the big rock.

Ryley -- Who didn't feel like riding home wet and hung out with Brandon and I on shore.

Sarah watching the mama duck and her babies swim by

Rock diving

Me!!!  Photo by Ryley!!!

Ryan diving off the has a bit of a delay...we may need to work on diving "form" in the future

Matt and Sarah swimming in the lake

The ducks

On our way home we stopped at my favorite ice cream dive "Big Burger" in Molalla.  As we were leaving we saw sky divers coming down!!! (note here:  Matt held my cone while I took a couple photos and my ice cream magically became 1/2 the original size)

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