Saturday, July 3, 2010

Silver Falls State Park

One of the best things about living is Oregon is the access to the many waterfalls and hiking trails that are close by!!  We took the family to Silver Falls State park a couple of weekends ago and below are some of the pictures from our day!!!

View from one of the bridges

The waterfalls were all really full due to 20+ straight days of rain in June... Apparently Mother Nature missed the memo that it is supposed to be summer.

Matt and Tori standing behind one of the waterfalls!

Brandon, Ryan and Sarah behind one of the waterfalls.  The water was coming down with such force it felt like a wind tunnel.


Just another reason to LOVE Oregon!!!

The girls and I

A hiker stopped and offered to take a family photo for us!!!

Matt and Sarah near the end of the hike.  Sarah was definitely ready to head home -- didn't hurt that she knew we'd stop at Big Burger in Molalla for a HUGE ice cream cone.

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