Saturday, July 3, 2010

Food cartin' in Portland

Once again, Matt and I headed to Portland for a Saturday lunch out, and found Big A$$ Sandwiches on 3rd and Ash street!!!  It has been getting RAVE reviews in the media!!!

Waiting for our sandwiches at the food cart.  I ordered their Big A** ham sandwich with grilled onions and grilled mushrooms.  Matt opted for the Big A** Ceasar Sandwich with Roast Beef.  See the patio furniture in the back of the photo...that is where we dined (yes, you sit on the sidewalk and it was what Matt refers to as "Lunch and a show" since downtown Portland is filled with people to watch.)

Many men with "man purses" or "murses".  Matt said I need to be politically correct and call them "European Shoulder Bags"

Matt's sandwich.  They put your fries in the sandwich and you eat it all at once!!  SO good!

Sign on the building with Portland's City Motto "Keep Portland Weird"

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