Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring break surprise...... Got Puggle????

A friend of ours needed to find a good home for her 7 month old Puggle (Beagle Pug mix)!!!!  So, I surprised the kids with our new family member "Charger" this afternoon!!!

Meeting Charger
A whole lot of love for this new puppy!!!
I think he's going to be REALLY happy here!!!

Koda (our Shih-Poo) is SO excited to have a friend to play with that doesn't live on the OTHER side of the fence!!!  They have been running and playing all day long!!!

Gotta love that sweet puppy face!!!


Mr. Puggle® said...

Hey! Welcome to the puggle family. You are in for a ride. Join the puggle posse.

Poochy the Puggle said...

Charger gonna be super happy. So cute...It's nice of you to give her a good home. You'd have so much fun.

Jaime said...

From one puggle owner to another, hide the socks, underwear, and tissues. Puggle's gastronomical sense knows no bounds. But we love our Zeus unconditionally (especially when I get my welcome home kisses)!